Principal Message

Casey Pickett


Windridge will be a safe, equitable, and academically challenging environment where each child will learn the skills to become a lifelong learner. Education is for everyone and every child has the right to an equal opportunity to achieve his or her full potential and bring something uniquely positive to the world. Our school will be a place for students to learn, grow, and have a “whole-life “educational experience.

Windridge goes the extra mile for all students.

All stakeholders are empowered to participate, build, and develop the best education possible for our students. We create environments that are safe and honest, where collaboration with teachers, parents, and students is the standard. The work teachers do is amazing and they should know it! Windridge teachers challenge themselves toward better performance, with academic freedom to individualize methods of excellence. I lead to establish a culture of communication of common goals, follow through, and accountability.

When you feel good about yourself, you do good for yourself.

We will supply teachers and parents the necessary tools for their students at both home and school by utilizing community outreach, grants, and district and state support to help empower students to be better prepared in a world that is constantly changing. Parents should feel that their efforts at home are appreciated and add value to the achievements and gains their students make each day.

We are prepared and welcome the challenges ahead!

Casey Pickett, Principal